April Fools

It’s 1 April once again which can only mean one thing, silly press releases and game ideas. We’ll get things kicked off and continue to add new entries as the japes appear over the next 24 hours. I will be manning the April Fools hotline this weekend so if you spot one then do send it over to editor@pcinvasion.com or pop it in the comments and we’ll add it to the list.

With it being Easter weekend we’re not sure how many of these will appear this year but we’ll be keeping an eye out. The holiday has prompted these to appear a little earlier than usual which defeats the purpose of what April Fools actually is. Nevermind, just enjoy what’s on offer.

The April Fools…

This could be the last one to appear and it’s Fortnite with farts.

PAYDAY animated series has been announced.

Warhorse is adding loot boxes and horse skins to Kingdom Come: Deliverance in the 1.5 update. Yes! Lootboxes!

CD Projekt Red is hiring a Designer of Game Environments.

Jagex announces Jagexa. This will improve the Runescape experience and more.

Wired Productions joined in with the announcement of Brexit Simulator and it’s coming to PC. That packshot is simply frightening.

Iceberg announced a new game called Storm Surge Barrier by Dutch studio Orange Lions.

Remedy’s Sam Lake had something to say about the future of Remedy. Forget games, they are changing their company focus.

Square has created FINAL FANTASY XIV Online GO for mobile play in the real world.

“It’s about freedom”, says Haimirich Fischer, VP of Innovation at SQUARE ENIX, “We wanted to empower over 10 million players to be able to gather wherever they want, whenever they want, without the restriction of their PC or consoles. By bridging the digital and physical worlds, FINAL FANTASY XIV Online GO creates that freedom and fosters social interaction between the members of our amazing community.”

By downloading the app, players will benefit from the combination of Square Enix’s cutting-edge software and their smartphone’s own geo-location capabilities, as they are notified about harvesting nodes and natural resources in their area. When they get close enough to the node they tap their screen for a chance to harvest the resource, exactly like they would in-game.

Alongside the app, a unique accessory will be available for use in conjunction with players’ smartphones called the FINAL FANTASY XIV Online GO Harvesting Stick.

The Harvesting Stick turns a player’s smartphone into a miner’s hammer, botanist’s axe or fisher’s rod, allowing them to swing their phone in the real world like they would in-game to harvest resources. The Harvesting Stick also boosts a player’s harvesting success rate to 100%.

Minecraft Jave Edition texture have been perfected. Not only are the new textures a real delight to behold, giving your world a new thrilling vibrancy, but they’re also compatible with the popular .PCX format – one of the most widely accepted DOS imaging standards!


Civilization VI is coming to Smart Watches from Aspyr. Civilization VI on smart watches features Revolutionary Index Finger Control (RIFC). Simply swipe up to declare war, scroll down to build a library, double tap to initiate a religious inquisition, swipe right to fire catapults, or tap and hold to research pottery.

“Gamers the world over have made it clear they want their Civilization anywhere they can get it, on Mac, PC, Mac, iPad, Mac, and now, smart watches,” said Michael Rogers, CEO Aspyr. “We can’t think of a better canvas for world domination than a one square inch touch screen. Small screen, big ambition.”


Announcing Dungeon Heartsa Visual Anime Waifu Dating Dungeon Management Simulation Novel Role Playing Game (Or a VAWDDMSNRPG).

Dungeon Hearts

REKT has come up with an intelligent gaming chair. The Observer is a normal gaming chair when you are at home but when you are away, the chair takes over to watch your friends stream.

SMITE introduces the next god Fenrir. He’s such a good boy.

Blizzard introduces World of Warcraft Micro-holidays where there are special short events like Looking for Queue, Uber-nano holiday, We’re all Elves Now, and RP Walk Only, and more. Sadly they didn’t do a video for this but check the site.

World of Warcraft

MechWarrior Online has a new Corgi Mech. Ideal for the royal family. Pre-orders are now being taken!

Mechwarrior Online

There’s a new position open at EB Games in Australia.

Eb Games

Path of Exile launches Path of Exile: Royale. I would not be surprised if this actually became a thing with everyone trying to jump on the bandwagon.

Guild Wars 2 talks about the Seats of Power update. It’s one of the most requested features and now it’s finally ready!

Discord wants you to send a message to….@someone.

Nvidia GeForce Academy of Gaming is what you can sign up. The thing is, this may even happen one day. Well maybe not. Thanks DrearierSpider.

Corsair wants to stop GPU abuse NOW!

Logitech introduces business speak detection, or BS as they are calling it. This is a product that is needed because business-speak is BS.

Capcom announces a new game called Hado Stone and you can even create a deck and get the site to generate a battle.  Choose between the balanced Ryu, the speedy Cammy, throw specialist Zangief, or the trickster Menat. There’s also the latest Hado Stone eSports event news.


Razer introduces project Venom v2 now with nanobots to improve your gaming performance. As they say, “Feel your limits break as our Razer Nano-Mechanical Bots sync up with Razer Synapse to give you pixel-perfect control over every move.”

Firefly was quick out the blocks this year, with an announcement of a Dreamcast version of their top-selling strategy Stronghold. This is a visually stunning masterpiece.

Silent Thunder from Gaijin is apparently their next big game  and they are running a special ‘beta test’ for the next four days. The thing with this one is you can actually play it. Launch the War Thunder client and look for the Silent Hunter image in the top right. You will join a zone control game against other subs and you can control your submarine and missiles.

Darkflow Software developers of multiplayer shooter Enlisted, and another Gaijin release, are developing a new battle royale game called Cuisine Royale. This is, “the company’s newest title – the all-kitchen-warfare MMO shooter Cuisine Royale. With a clear focus on satiating the tastes of the player community, the new title combines only the latest flavors of the gaming industry”. Again, there’s a ‘ test’ for this and you can find out more on the official site and you would have to already have access to the real alpha test.

Ubisoft is doing something a bit sly in the UPlay launcher this year. A console pops up with what appears to be some kind of admin console (see top right of the Uplay client). The thing with Ubisoft is you never know if these April Fools japes will end up being something real. Remember Far Cry Blood Dragon? That was announced on 1 April.

Perhaps they are teasing Watch Dogs 3 with this supposed hack? Anyway, when it hits 1 April in your PC’s timezone this should become active and it appears to be a command line console. If you type is list-unreleased-games you get a scrambled message (see below). Time to decipher that folks.



League of Legends has opted to hold an event instead of any kind of trickery this year which includes all kinds of fast food references, emotes, cosmetics and more. You can find out about al that here.

Other Non-gaming ones to enjoy

Roku are releasing their Streaming Socks for vieweres with mucky hands,

Introducing the Sptirm Magic ball. Each Sprint Magic Ball will dramatically improve the network experience for Sprint customers in homes, schools, cars, fields and stadiums across the country, providing high-quality game play, better data coverage and faster download and upload speeds for athletes, spectators and traveling soccer parents

The Chocolate Whopper. Mmmm. Disgusting.

T-Mobile has just come up with an superb new phone. The kids will want this.

Man Crates are pnow protecting their deliveries.

Google Israel has created a new API.

Google thinks that phones were getting clogged by bad jokes so now they can be removed.

Thi sone from Heinz is pretty good and not a bad idea. Would save having to shake the last drop out.

Honda’s Sixth Sense. There are a lot of mobile phone users who could use this.

Lexus is using human genetics to help you select a perfect model of car.

The Sodastream Soda Soak. Ahhh how relaxing.

Scentsible wallpaper is the next big thing to shake-up home decorating.

More will be added as they come in. If you spot one, let us know in the comments.

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