Super Arcade Football Early Access Starts on April 4

Super Arcade Football Early Access Starts on April 4

Developer OutOfTheBit unleashed Super Arcade Football’s trailer along with the official date for its Early Access release. The retro soccer game will be out via Early Access on April 4 and it intends to keep people’s interest with fast gameplay and funny soccer players that remind us of Sensible Soccer’s classic game design.

The game will obviously include a multiplayer mode (it’s a must for sports games in 2016) and watching the trailer below will definitely raise the interest of gamers who like to play against each other locally. We hope that they will be able to also add the already announced¬†Multiplayer Mode in order to bring even more people to the¬†title.

The developers described the Super Arcade Football Early Access as: “an arcade football game like never before, with as much pace as a cross from Ronaldo, and as much power as a headbutt from Zidane. Play with up to 4 friends locally, with intense scorelines, dynamic gameplay and crazy fun. No real-life simulation, no micro transactions, just pure arcade football action!”

If you’re thinking of buying into Early Access, you can have a look at what Super Arcade Football will include at launch :

-A good singleplayer and local multiplayer experience. You can play quick games (changing the game types like indoor mode, slippery ice mode etc) either singleplayer or any combination of up to 4 human players (for example, 1vs3, 2vs2 etc)

-You can also compete in preset tournaments such as the World Cup and the Euro Cup, or create your own custom tournaments. All can be played singleplayer or with friends locally.

-At the moment there are 43 teams available (all national teams). Each with different stats and difficulty levels, we aim to include all national teams and a large majority of club teams by the final release.

Checking out their official Steam Community page will give you an insight into the future plans of OutOfTheBit’s soccer game.

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