Being a bit of a basketball nut (yes, those exist in the UK) and, obviously, harbouring a mild interest in videogames, NBA 2K13 was one of my personal highlights as this year’s Gamescom.

If you’ve played any of the NBA 2K games from the past few years, it won’t surprise you in the slightest to hear that 2K13 is looking rather damn fine. New features are being added, old ones being tweaked and some removed altogether. However, at the risk of teasing you, we’ll leave the nitty gritty details of those for our full preview soon.

One of the dangers of altering such a successful formula in even the smallest way is that you risk tipping the balance of what was already there and frustrating the existing fanbase.

Well, according to 2K Sports, that doesn’t (and won’t) happen with NBA 2K because new ideas are pondered for “years” before making it into the game.

“I don’t think we ever take it so far that we’re going to tip the balance. It’s a very fair question, to be sure, you certainly don’t want to do anything so drastic that it’s going to turn people off,” said 2K Publishing’s Chris Snyder.

“When we start playing around with new ideas it might not be years until that stuff actually sees the light of day and makes it into the game. That means we’ve tested it a lot and we’re sure it works.

“Also, we’re famous and notorious for going on forums and into chatrooms in a bid to listen to our fans and get their thoughts about the current game. If people are really clambering for to be heard then we owe it to them to listen and that helps us not to get ahead of ourselves.”

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