July 7th, 2017

30 days of dark: The Long Dark’s Kickstarter ends in success


The Long Dark‘s Kickstarter campaign has rolled to a close, with the game amassing a grand total of $256,217 Canadian dollars. This means that the game hit its first two stretch goals, doubling the amount of music in the game and giving a downloadable graphic novel to all backers.

The Long Dark is a gorgeous and atmospheric-looking game of wilderness survival, with you taking the role of a bush pilot crashed in a desolate wasteland in a post-disaster world. You need to keep yourself safe from both the elements and predators, while making sure you’re fed, watered, and warm. You’ll also get to listen to David Hayter’s solid voice acting. It’s due out in late 2014, with the Kickstarter estimating an October launch.

If you want to see more of The Long Dark, you can have a gander at some gameplay footage here.

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