Have $3000? You Can Buy the New Nvidia GTX Titan V

Have $3000? You Can Buy the New Nvidia GTX Titan V

PC gaming has the stigma of being very expensive. Most expert PC gamers will tell you that this isn’t really true; you can always build a PC without breaking the bank if you shop wisely. But, it’s not entirely untrue that some components are rather pricey. In this case, there’s no other way to look at it: it’s expensive. I’m referring to Nvidia’s newest GPU, which just so happens to be its most powerful yet (and currently the most powerful GPU on the market): the Titan V.

The new Titan V GPU really lives up to its name, as it has some monstrous specs.  Powered by the new Volta architecture, this beast has 21 billion transistors, 110 deep learning teraflops, and 3D stacked memory for its complex AI system. In terms of capability, the Titan V can almost be considered overkill. Just take a look:

  • 6 Graphics Processing Clusters
  • 80 Streaming Multiprocessors
  • 5120 CUDA Cores (single precision)
  • 320 Texture Units 
  • 1200 MHz Base Clock  
  • 1455 MHz Boost Clock   
  • 850 MHz Memory Clock
  • 1.7 Gbps Memory Data Rate 
  • 4608KL2 Cache Size 
  • 12288 MB HBM2 Total Video Memory 
  • 3072-bit Memory Interface 
  • 652.8 GB/s Total Memory Bandwidth 
  • 384 GigaTexels/sec Texture Rate (Bilinear)
  • 12 nm Fabrication Process 
  • 21.1 Billion Transistor Count
  • 3 x DisplayPort, 1 x HDMI Connectors 
  • Dual Slot Form Factor 
  • One 6-pin, One 8-pin Power Connectors 
  • 600 Watts Recommended Power Supply
  • 250 WattsThermal Design Power (TDP) 
  • 91° C Thermal Threshold

In addition to these monstrous specifications, the price of the Titan V is equally massive. To get one, you’ll have to throw down $3,000 (you can buy a used car for this amount!) Oh, and there just so happens to be a limit to only two per-customer—the fiends! But, seriously, if you can even comfortably afford just one of these, can you send me a little something too?

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If you’d like to read all about the Titan V and also place an order, check out the product page over at Nvidia’s official website.

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