Over 2.3 Million VR Headsets Have Been Shipped in Q1 of 2017

Virtual Reality has been a thing in the gaming world for quite some time, but it’s only started to really take off in the modern age a few years ago. Last year saw the release of many advanced headsets for PC, consoles and even mobile devices like the HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and Samsung Gear VR.

While the technology is still in its infancy and growth has been noticeably slow, the market definitely isn’t dead. The International Data Corporation has recently released a pretty interesting report that reveals that the VR market is still alive and well.

By combining data from major manufacturers including Google, Samsung, Alcatel, HTC, Facebook and Sony, it has been determined that 2.3 million virtual and augmented reality headsets were shipped in the first quarter of 2017.

VR headsets accounted for 98% of the sales, according to the IDC. Samsung’s Gear VR headset took the top spot for the most shipments, coming in at 489.5K which accounts for 21.5% of the share. The least-selling of the major headsets was Facebook’s Oculus Rift, which shipped 99.3K, accounting for only 4.4% of the share. Considering the massive price difference between the Gear VR and Oculus Rift, it shouldn’t be surprised that Samsung’s headset is much more popular.

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