Report: 343 Industries is “drafting plans” for Halo Infinite beta flights

Halo Infinite Beta

Halo moves consoles, it’s no secret. The Xbox was essentially pushed to stardom because of Halo: Combat Evolved, and this console generation was supposed to begin with a new Halo title. Instead, developer 343 Industries chose to delay Halo Infinite. The game currently has a release window of this year thanks to its creative director, Joseph Staten. However, players will be able to try out Halo Infinite a little early thanks to a planned line of beta flights.

These flights were first introduced with Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC. Instead of immediately dropping new Halo titles into the collection, they were slowly rolled out. Players could opt into these flights for an opportunity to try out a game on PC before it fully released, providing feedback to 343 along the way. While Halo: The Master Chief Collection is now complete, the flight system doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.


Halo Infinite takes flight (soon)

According to an article from Windows Central, 343 is preparing multiple beta flights for Halo Infinite. These closed betas will let 343 gather some much-needed feedback on the game before it launches. It’s an added bonus that players that have signed up for the Halo Insider program will be able to try it out. While it’s not clear what players will be able to expect from these flights, the full game likely won’t be there.

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Halo Infinite flights will be starting later this year, although an exact date wasn’t given. However, regardless of whether or not you signed up for one, you’ll likely see what’s in them. Flights for Halo: The Master Chief Collection have never had an embargo date, letting media and content creators make posts. If that trend continues for Halo Infinite, you can rest assured that there’ll be lengthy pieces on these beta tests here.

Halo Infinite currently has a projected release date for some time this year. With the flights currently being planned, we imagine the likelihood of another delay is slim. But we’ll keep you posted.

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