Today sees the release of the latest Xbox 360 dashboard, adding Internet Explorer, Xbox Video, Xbox Music and various new options for tailoring the system to your needs.

    However, you may not be one of the 360 owners to get the update today. Three million consoles will get the update in the next 24 hours, while everyone else will receive it within the next two weeks as the update rolls out in phases.

    Internet Explorer is the biggest addition, and fairly self-explanatory. Xbox Video is merely the Zune Video Marketplace with a different name, while Xbox Music provides streaming music – an Xbox Music Pass costs £8.99.

    A neat little feature is that it’s now possible to “Pin” items to your Home screen, letting you access your regularly used items more quickly and easily.

    The addition of Internet Explorer also means that Bing on 360 has a purpose, allowing you to search for content on the web.

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