40 more games get the Steam Greenlight

Steam Greenlight

It’s time to for some more Steam Greenlight action as more titles get the votes and join Steam.

There’s forty new games added in this batch including Wheels of Destruction, the fun looking Little Racers STREET for some top-down arcade racing action, and the very odd but interesting sword fighter CLANG.

This is not quite as big a batch as last time but there’s still loads to check out and there’s bound to be something to pique your interest.

  • 9.03m – SpaceBudgie
  • Black Gold Online – SnailgamesUSA
  • Bollywood Wannabe – Chrysaor
  • Bot Colony – BotColony
  • C-RUSH -zbosca
  • Castle In The Darkness – ivs_matt
  • Chuck’s Challenge 3D – Niffler
  • CLANG – Subutai Corporation
  • Crimsonland – 10tons
  • The Dark Phantom – Massoud
  • Death Road – domel
  • Freedom Fall – Stirfire Studios
  • Grimind – Szaman
  • Gunman Clive – beril
  • Harvest – gondefire33
  • Hypovolemia – defragen1
  • Kopatel Online – qmaks2005
  • NaissanceE – Limasse Five
  • Liege – codagames
  • Little Racers STREET – WaaghMan
  • Liquid Rhythm Intro – waveDNA
  • Lords of Discord – HeroCraft_Ltd
  • Lords of Xulima – Numantian Games
  • Ludwig – GromitJK
  • MechKnight Chronicles: Knightfall – skankerzero
  • Motor Rock – Yard Team
  • Orbiter – Evil Aliens
  • Paradise Lost: First Contact – Asthree Works
  • Pixel Boy – Giant Box Games
  • Ratz Instagib – Lizzard
  • RaySupreme 3D – BrainDistrict
  • Smooth Operators – andreas
  • Sokobond – wanderlands
  • Stick ‘Em Up 2 – JJC1138
  • Super Chain Crusher Horizon – Mindware
  • The Tale of ALLTYNEX – Nyu Media
  • Toki Remake – golgoth21
  • Undead Overlord – JumpCore
  • Wheels of Destruction – Reverb Publishing
  • Wilson Chronicles – Frere D’?rme | SF |
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    • BlastKid

      What exactly happens when a game gets greenlit? Does Steam help then in any way directly?

      • Tim McDonald

        As far as I’m aware, David’s got it right. All a greenlight does is basically indicate that you’ve got approval to distribute the game on Steam. You can do Early Access stuff and set up various other bits and bobs, but you’re not getting any financial backing from Valve.

        This is why I’m sighing at seeing CLANG in this latest bunch of games. Looks fascinating, but as far as I can remember it’s been on hold since September as they ran out of cash. Maybe they’re hoping being greenlit will help get a publisher interested? Hm.

    • DavidTheSlayer

      I could be wrong but I think it’s the right to publish on their platform once the game’s votes by the public reach a certain amount.