THQ Nordic owner acquires 4A Games & details the developer’s future

Metro Exodus Denuvo

4A Games has spent the last last decade churning out titles in the Metro series. From 2010’s Metro 2033 to last year’s Metro Exodus, their output has been consistently great. It’s no surprise then to learn about the 4A Games acquisition by THQ Nordic’s parent organization, Embracer Group. Looking ahead, the team at 4A Games will partner with developer Saber Interactive on future projects.

Through the acquisition, Saber Interactive will benefit from the additions of 150+ 4A Games employees across two studios in Malta and Ukraine. 4A Games’ Metro series also runs on a proprietary in-house engine, which is something THQ and Saber may benefit from. There’s a few other tidbits of information in the acquisition post too. Not only is 4A Games working on more Metro installments, but the team also “has the capacity” to work on another AAA project, says Embracer Group.

4A Games acquisition Metro Exodus Moscow Screenshot

Multiplayer Metro

In the press release, 4A Games CEO Dean Sharpe spoke about what the team is up to. ”Embracer Group and Saber Interactive are the perfect partners for 4A Games and for our next phase of growth.” Sharpe also announced some exciting news about the future of the Metro series. “Together we will continue to build on the Metro franchise and will focus on bringing a multiplayer experience to our fanbase. We look forward to building a new and even more ambitious AAA IP in the near future,” said Sharpe.

The 4A Games acquisition is big news, as the developer has been independent for some time, and the Metro series is quite popular. Metro has always been a single player experience too, so a multiplayer entry sounds like a brand new project for the team. Something like a shared world shooter could really work with the Metro series. Wandering around a post-apocalyptic landscape with other survivors and bumping into other crews would be fun.

The final DLC for Metro Exodus launched in February, so it may take time to better understand the outcome of this new partnership. Embracer Group also announced its acquisition of New World Interactive today, so the things will stay busy for all of these studios as they settle in to new roles.

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