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5 Signs That He’s The Right One For You

by Menashe

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Committing to a relationship is a big deal, with life-altering consequences. No one wants to make the wrong choice, but how do you know whether or not he’s the right one? The main thing that couples fail to do is ask themselves the right questions before rushing into a commitment. I’m not talking about superficial questions such as how many brothers and sisters your man has or where was he born, but deep and penetrating questions. If you are going to spend the rest of your life with someone then the answers to these five questions that you should take into consideration:


1. He Must Be Willing To Follow You To The Next Castle

Too many times a girl gets involved with a guy, gets kidnapped by a turtle, and sees her man turn back after completing only one castle. If he’s not committed enough to keep on pursuing you through at least eight different worlds and a handful of secret worlds, chances are he’s not the right one. The loyal partner won’t let disappointment get in his way when he discovers that his “princess” is in another castle. He’ll give himself a pat on the back and keep on moving. If he goes back to World 1 to collect a few power-ups and extra lives for the road ahead, you’ll know that he’s not just loyal, he’s also practical. Not a requirement but still an added bonus.


2. He Must Be Prepared to Fight a Dual Against a Competitor For Your Hand

If your man only manages to get through the regular levels but packs his bags as soon as a Boss challenges him to a dual, chances are he’ll also go running back to Mommy as soon as life challenges settle in. Romance and courtship are all nice and fuzzy, but they don’t give you an accurate reading of what he’ll be like when life goes back to normal. The real gentleman will stand up to a challenge and make sure to learn the Boss’ attack pattern so he’ll know how to take him down. Don’t think it’s bravado if he goes in, all guns-ablazing, without learning how to counter the Boss attacks. Make sure he’s willing to take the time to strategize as well as send the boss back to his lava-filled grave.


3. He Should Make the Right Choices In the Dialogue Wheel

A good partner is also a good conversationalist.  Talking between the two of you should be natural and flowing. He should always inquire about your interests and feelings.  He should be polite and never use the “intimidate” option. Be conscious and aware of how he is wooing you and what is taking place in the conversation. Is he using the “charm” option or is he just being a bit flirtatious? Does he wait for your cue in advancing the relationship or does he choose too aggressive a dialogue line? Most important, though, is to decide whether you want him to be choosing Paragon or Renegade options. If you are more of a romantic you’d probably be best suited with a more Paragon-inclined boyfriend, but if you like your man more brazen then don’t shy away from someone who uses Renegade choices in his conversations. But, by far, the most important rule of all, is to make sure he listens to everything you have to say without pressing Spacebar/X/Square to skip your dialogue. The last thing you want is to be in a relationship with someone who is self-centered and egotistical.


4. He Accepts You For Who You Are

Everyone has secrets and you have to feel safe in confiding in your partner. Keeping secrets from one another can destroy any relationship as they erect an emotional barrier between the two lovebirds. But, a woman can only feel safe with her partner if she trusts in him that he’ll lovingly embrace every facet of her personality. If you have an alter-ego as a pirate or Sheikah assassin, they must be willing to accept that part of you and not to ridicule it. A partner who won’t respect you and your alter-egos is not worthy of your respect in return.


5. He Builds You A House

A proper husband who can be relied upon to support the family you will raise together must be able to build a suitable home to protect you from Creeprs and other strange creatures that wander at night. He should know how to craft the right tools and materials to put together a sturdy and appealing home for your babies. Every shelter should have the proper rooms in it. Make sure he doesn’t skimp on these as they are essential to your survival and it would mean he’s a goof-off and not committed to your long-term well-being. He must build a craft room, a furnace, a store room full of chests,  an entrance to your mine, bedroom, brewery, enchantment room, barracks, and a cellar. And make sure he provides you with a backdoor in case the front door ever becomes too dangerous to use (for example if a Creeper is standing in front of it.)

If your man has all five of these important signs, look no further! You can be sure he is the one for you.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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