5 Things I Want To See From The Darth Maul Game

I can honestly say that the most recent festering of news surrounding the cancelled Darth Maul game was a surprise to me. I wasn’t one of the attentive Star Wars fans that followed the initial reports regarding its development, which is remarkable in itself considering how much of a fan to the series I have been. While the gameplay is impressive, especially in the small reels of gameplay that we’ve seen, I can say that I’d like to see a few things happen if the game does finally come to fruition.
Here are five things that I would like to see happen if the game does in fact come to market.

The Combat

I feel like this is the most important piece to make the game whole. The combat system should convey a sense of fluidity and intricacy, but not fumble over itself due to missed animation cues. Platinum Games seems to have almost perfected this formula with its slew of titles that have beat-em-up combat at their respective cores. The decapitations seen in the videos are impressive, but what’s even more impressive are the stylized moves and transitions that can be seen as the character moves from one enemy to the next. The overhead helicopter spin of Darth Maul’s Sith lightsaber brings with it authenticity from the film. I hope the combination of his agility and power are expressed in similar moves.

Obi-Wan Fights Darth Maul on Disney Video

It’s Getting Darth in here

The game of course will no doubt showcase the history of how Darth Maul becomes a Sith Lord. As a fan of Star Wars itself, you will no doubt be somewhat familiar with the path to the dark side. However, much like the Jedi, the path doesn’t always look the same for everyone. And in order to understand this, there must be a compelling story to back it. That is one area where I think the game can excel given the current age of gaming.
It may be no coincidence that the game is looking to relaunch during “Star Wars: Episode VII”. The movie is also embracing some of the darker roots of the movies that have come before it. With that being said, I am hoping that the game does indeed follow the same path to the dark side. It is only fitting that a grimmer look be considered for the game, not only for its main character, but to keep it in line with the path Maul takes to reach his status.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

The expectation of a darker storyline is something anyone would expect given its contents. But, having the game base its roots in the action-adventure genre, there is the possibility of it having a lighter storyline by trade.

In combat, your mind tries to keep track of each blade separately, effectively doubling the number of possibilities. But the two blades are connected: by knowing the location of one, you are automatically aware of the location of the other.-Blademaster Kas’im

Games in The Force Unleashed took place in between that of “Star Wars: Episode III, Revenge of the Sith” and “Star Wars: Episode IV, A New Hope”. There were animated scenes that drove a fairly compelling storyline, while still lending a decent cast to thoroughly voice each character. There is enough power graphically in current technology to make Darth Maul’s features more detailed, and embed a deeper storyline, either by cinematic or animated scenes that lead into gameplay, even in the realm of an action game that is heavy with combat.

Don’t Force a multiplayer

Red Fly Studio has the ability to capitalize a few different things. For starters, there is a new Star Wars movie releasing. This is one area where The Force Unleashed satisfied our thirst for more content in the Star Wars universe. There is an awakening of excitement for the movie, but there is also a familiarity to be had with Darth Maul, particularly dealing with his origin story. There is also the ability to showcase the graphical prowess of current consoles, not to mention the current generation of video cards on the market. So, why not take advantage of that?
With these cards being laid out on the table, in my eyes, there isn’t a need for a multiplayer tier to the game. There is no need for me to wield a double-bladed lightsaber and chase an enemy around an arena, or slay wave-after grueling wave of battle droids. The story should be filled with enough content to merit a full-priced game, open enough to not sell itself short, and challenging enough to not rely on multiplayer as a disguise.

Just come to PC

There is an abundance of Star Wars themed games already on the PC. Even if you take a look over on Steam, you will find deals on games like Republic Commando, to The Force Unleashed, and of course, the LEGO Star Wars series of games. And, as we know from the most recent news on the potential Kickstarter for the game, we could see an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release, along with mentions of the PC. Steam would seem like the likely carrier of the game, especially considering all of the listed above can be found there.
But, if EA’s Origin takes precedent or becomes the games publisher, then we might have to suffer through the rigidity of the online distributor to play it.
What are your thoughts on the possibility of a Darth Maul game? Will you back it if it does indeed head to Kickstarter? Tell us what you’d like to see from the title.

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