5 Things Sony Will NOT Announce on February 20th

    As we all know, Sony has plans to reveal something big this month. What could it possibly be? Hmmm! Well, whatever it is will likely require us to wait some time before we get to actually enjoy it, that’s no fun. What is fun, is drawing some attention to what we know they wont be announcing.

    5. Playstation Paper

    Yet another, thinner redesign for the current gen PS3. Playstation Paper would surely be an underwhelming announcement to the gaming community.

    4. Kung Fu Rider 2

    The original wasn’t one of best uses of the Move hardware, it didn’t sell well and doesn’t re-sell well. I’m sure you can buy it on Amazon for a price cheaper than it is to ship. Sony will not be announcing a sequel this month.

    3. A Third Thumbstick for the Vita

    Sony was more than halfway done with designing the Vita when they realized something. If gamers want this second thumbstick, how long before they start asking for a third? Rather then start over, they opted to create an attachment. They probably wont announce it this month however.

    2. The Return of Linux on PS3

    Survey says!

    1. The FFVII Remake Everyone Gave Up On

    In a surprising turn of events, Sony re-invested all of it’s Wonderbook profits into convincing Square-Enix to finally make it happen. Oh…wait! There were no Wonderbook profits. Is this even a real article?

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