505 Games to publish Serellan’s Takedown: Red Sabre

Takedown: Red Sabre logo

Remember Takedown? It’s the Kickstarted tactical shooter that aims to recreate the older Rainbow Six and SWAT games. Christian Allen (former creative director on the Ghost Recon series) and his team raised $221,000 USD back in April of 2012.

Today, publisher 505 Games has announced a partnership with Allen’s ‘Serellan’ company. Specifics of that deal are not revealed, but it seems likely that (at the very least) 505 will be helping with distribution.

The game has also acquired itself a subtitle, Red Sabre (the name of the team you will control in-game.)

No release date as yet, but Takedown: Red Sabre is said to be coming in 2013 for “multiple platforms.” PC will be among them.

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