8-Bit Invaders delayed until December to add new feature

8-Bit Invaders delayed until December to add new feature

Petroglyph’s next 8-Bit RTS title 8-Bit Invaders is going to be slightly delayed.

8-Bit Armies and 8-Bit Hordes are Petroglyph’s blocky RTS games based on classics such as Command & Conquer and Warcraft. 8-Bit Invaders adds the aliens and is a homage to Starcraft and it’s the next game in the series.

Invaders was expected to be released soon but Petroglyph wants to add a new experimental feature to all games before Invaders is released.

An update explains the new feature and why Invaders is being delayed.

“With the third game, we’re also introducing a new campaign mode that allows players to persist their army across multiple worlds and think a little more strategically about what their next move should be.

“While development of this new feature is coming along great (it’s already playable) – we also want to make sure we get it right. Since this is something very new and somewhat experimental, we’re spending extra time building a challenging AI to play against and integrating various modifiers like superweapons and territory bonuses at the galactic level. We also want to make sure features like save/load are in and working, since this is a game mode that will likely take longer to play than just one sitting.

“As much as we want to get it into your hands soon, we’re going to take a little while longer so we have enough time for tweaking, and any further polish work that needs to happen. Because of this, we will be delaying the launch of Invaders until December.”


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