PC Invasion Podcast #66

This week: Sniper Elite 4, embargo-skirting bits about Torment: Tides of Numenera, critiques of the pulp genre, Obsidian’s bad luck, and For Honor.

Watch Rebellion talk about 2000 AD and their work on games

Chris Kingsley, Jason Kingsley and Ben Smith talk about how Rebellion acquired 2000 AD and the challenges of creating 2000 AD games.

Mass Effect: Andromeda releases first ‘Gameplay Series’ trailer

BioWare have released a 5 minute trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda containing some combat footage, and detailing both weapons and skillsets.

Dropzone Preview

Sparkypants’ quick-play RTS/MOBA hybrid has just gone into open beta so Paul took it for a spin.

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Conan Exiles patch 17.2.2017 released

There’s a flurry of patching activity happening with Conan Exiles of late, and Funcom have pumped out another one ahead of the weekend.

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