Torment: Tides of Numenera Review

PC Invasion update their journal with a review of inXile’s spiritual follow-up to Torment. Is the journey a memorable one?

Torment: Tides of Numenera Starting Guide – Hints & Tips for Beginners

Getting by in the Ninth World as a freshly born Castoff can be tough, which is where our handy Torment hints can help.


PC Invasion Plays – Total War: Warhammer Bretonnians DLC

Greetings and forsooth, today I shall be embarking on a most chivalrous quest with the Total War: Warhammer Bretonnian DLC.

Sparc is a VR Sport coming from CCP this year

CCP want to create a VR sport with Sparc. It sounds a lot like cyber-dodgeball.

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Stellaris strives for Utopia in April

Stellaris strives for Utopia in April

The ‘Utopia’ expansion for Paradox’s Stellaris now has both a release date and price, setting galactic empires on course for bold new ideas in April.

PC Invasion Podcast #67

PC Invasion Podcast #67

This week: Wolpaw leaves Valve, Dragon Quest Heroes 2 on PC, Bretonnians inbound for Warhammer, Unexplored, and Nier: Automata’s release date.

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