Black Ops Cold War leaderboard bug

The launch of a new game often includes players discovering bugs while playing. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is no different. A bug is causing the game to crash if you try and access the in-game leaderboards. This feature has been in various Call of Duty titles and it allows you to see your rank and stats. Also, you can compare yourself to your friends, as well as viewing the worldwide leaderboards.

So far, players have reported multiple bugs involving Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War leaderboards. To begin, if you have tried to access them, you may have received an empty screen with no data at all. Also, in some cases, when you try and access the leaderboard, many players have received error messages which crash the game completely. As this bug can be frustrating, hopefully it will be addresses by Treyarch in a future update. Until then, there are alternative ways in which you can access your data and the data of your friends.

A new way to view the Black Ops Cold War leaderboard

Instead, you may want to use the Call of Duty tracker website. Here, you can type in your username or Activision ID. You can view your stats across many games and game modes. In addition, you can type in your friend’s usernames and see how you compare. Another way you can track your in-game rank and statistics is through the Call of Duty Companion App. The app allows you to track your progress, and it even breaks down your performance on each map.

The first major update is expected to roll out on December 10, with the release of the first season. Perhaps, the leaderboard bug will be patched in this update. Until then, the Call of Duty tracker and Call of Duty Companion app are reliable alternatives.

Black Ops Cold War leaderboard bug

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