A deeper look at Ascendant Studios forthcoming game Immortals of Aveum in Summer games fest 2023

Immortals of Aveum summer games fest 2023

Summer Games Fest 2023 has showcased the first IP from the new independent studio Ascendant. The studio is made up mostly of the now-closed-down Telltale Studios. Their first game looks to be a first-person shooter focused on magic and large set pieces. The trailer revealed at Summer Games Fest 2023 introduces the voice and motion actor playing the hero of Immortals of Aveum. Clearly, the studio is clearly very proud of its accomplishments as an independent studio

Ascendant Studios shows their magic in Summer Games Fest 2023

Summer Games Fest introduced to the stage the actor for its forthcoming game, Immortals of Aveum. We are introduced to Darren Barnet, known for his roles in the Netflix show Never Have I Ever. His voice and likeness are used throughout the newest game from this indie startup studio. I am sure he will bring at least a few of his fans into the game.

Immortals of Aveum plays out as a first-person shooter rife with ‘Magic War’ tag words. The Summer Games fest trailer shows how Battlemages must win the Everwar to save the Realms from imminent destruction. Only Jak, the hero of the hour, can prevent assured oblivion and save eternity. Despite growing up as a destitute child, he has come into his powers late in life and becomes the most powerful battlemage of them all. Players are invited along to ride his upward trajectory to fame and glory, all through the first-person shooter of Immortals of Aveum.

Immortals of Aveum summer games fest 2023

Screenshot by Summer games Fest

The Summer Games Fest trailer showed off some rather impressive set pieces. As Jak fights his way around and through a seabound Mech, he quickly dispatches enemies with a slew of magic. The combat is exactly what you would expect from a magic-based shooter. However, the abilities of the character shown in the Immortals of Aveum Summer Games Fest Trailer look varied and unique.

Finally, we can expect to see Immortals of Aveum coming to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on the 20th of July, 2023.

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