A first trailer for the 2015 King’s Quest game appears

A first trailer for the 2015 King’s Quest game appears
kings quest
I’d love to say this is the new protagonist, but it’s not.

As trailed before the event, the Game Awards showed a first trailer for the new King’s Quest game developed by The Odd Gentlemen (PB Winterbottom). It’ll be published by the recently revived Sierra label, owned by Activision.

It’s reached the point of the evening where it feels like I’ve watched over three hours of Geoff Keighley’s face, so forgive me for just posting the trailer without much additional comment. If you want to see what the new King’s Quest is going to look like, cast your eyes in a downward direction and activate your best mouse clicking hand.

It’s a PlayStation branded trailer, but don’t worry about that. It is coming to the PC.

The title is due for release in Autumn of 2015.

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