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A further look at the Godus prototype in this new video


It looks like it’ll be touch and go on Kickstarter for 22cans’ Project Godus, as with just six days left the game still needs £150,000 GBP to reach its target of £450,000 GBP. No matter what you think of Molyneux’s Kickstarter jaunt, the team can hardly be accused of holding back with the updates. They’ve embarked on a regimented campaign of putting something up almost every day, with today being no exception.

According to the post, a gameplay montage from the prototype was planned for today, but this wasn’t quite ready yet. No doubt that will emerge in the coming days, but instead we have more over-the-shoulder shakeycam footage of the tech prototype in action. As with previous videos, a lot of this footage focuses on landscape manipulation in Godus and Peter Molyneux’s soothing voice.