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A guide to selling to The Cycle: Frontier

Stack that cash

Trading is a core mechanic in The Cycle: Frontier. Getting out into the wilderness, killing some foes, and looting their still-warm corpses rewards you with valuable stuff. Chests, unique locations, and quests can also result in some rather valuable trinkets and baubles. But what should you hold onto, and what should you turn in? This The Cycle: Frontier selling guide will tell you everything you need to know to stay in the money and not without the essentials.

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A guide to selling for The Cycle: Frontier

Everything has a price, from the head of a fallen enemy to a pack of ammo. Knowing what you should hold onto and what you should sell on will ensure that you aren’t left high and dry when times get tough. Depending on where you are in the game determines whether you should be selling or not. With the whole new season and the end of wipes, the accumulation methods will change.

Where to sell your stash

Selling guide the cycle frontier

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There are currently three factions in The Cycle: Frontier. After completing an introductory quest for each, it becomes possible to buy and sell from their stores. More powerful items become available as you progress through each faction’s stories and collect their required items. You can sell whatever you like to them as soon as they’re available.

Selling guide for The Cycle: Frontier

In the early game, you need to be holding onto pretty much everything. Most of it will be used to progress the storylines of the factions at some point and it will save you a whole load of time if you already have it. Of course, there are some exceptions. You will sometimes get lucky and manage to clip someone carrying a late-game item such as Fertilizer. This can be stored up to one stack, but won’t be needed till late in The Cycle: Frontier.

Selling guide the cycle frontier

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Some items are abundant or won’t ever be used for a mission. One of the latter is the heads of enemies. There net a great profit and can be collected from monsters around the map. Items such as ore and flesh are highly common so can be sold quickly.

A few tips for The Cycle: Frontier

With almost every item, it is worth having at least one stack in your inventory. This will reduce the time needed to collect the rest, and in a lot of cases, will mean you don’t have to venture out at all. Of course, if your inventory starts to fill up, you can start by selling the most common items first. The Cycle: Frontier is an ever-changing game and can always add new selling mechanics, so make sure to stay tuned.

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