A gun toting gore fest showcased with Witchfire at Summer Game Fest 2023


Summer Game Fest 2023 took a turn for the spooky as The Astronauts Games announced its forthcoming game: Witchfire. From the studio that brought us The Vanishing of Ethan Carter comes a complete switch-up in gameplay, themes, and visuals. However, Witchfire is much more reminiscent of the studios’ previous work on Bulletstorm under a different name. Expect magic, lots of weapons, and some seriously creepy-looking enemies.

Gripping gameplay reveal for Witchfire at Summer Games Fest 2023


Screenshot by Summer Games fest

With gameplay reminiscent of Doom, this fast-firing, rhythm shooter, Witchfire, implements guns and magic to create a theatre of violence. Furthermore, our all too brief look at the Witchfire Games Fest 2023 gameplay footage only reinforces the grim and fast-paced warzone that the game hopes to bring. Combining handheld weapons and magic, the player is driven forward through hordes of varied, terrifying enemies. Also, some pretty heft combos, using elemental destruction and hot-burning lead, all look and sound great under the still relevant Unreal Engine 4 build.

This Witchfire Game Fest 2023 showcase paraded some of the wild creatures that have been drawn from the minds of The Astronaut Games. Reminiscent of Bloodbourne’s hellish style, dark and fearsome creatures push from the gothic, bleak environments. The Lovecraftian horrors from the depths vary from hulking monsters down to swarming imps. All ready to be put to death under the powers of magic and metal.

The Astronaut Games created the critically acclaimed The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. However, they also brought us Bulletstorm under the name of People Can Fly. The switch to the new name brought three of the producers across from the previous studio after the buyout by Epic. Therefore, with the folks who brought the mayhem and melle of Bulletstorm to our screens, you can rest assured Witchfire is going to be a no holds barred gore fest.

So, we can expect to see the game coming exclusively to Epic Games. Finally, the early access launch on the 20th of September, 2023

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