Warhaven Summer Games fest 2023

A look at Nexons free-to-play Warhaven in Summer Games Fest 2023

The power of a god.

Hand-to-hand combat is coming along in leaps and bounds as games are getting better and technology is able to keep up. Nothing feels better than bringing a claymore down on your enemy’s head and feeling the crunch of steel beneath your blade. Developer Nexon is bringing the fight to our screens, as showcased by Warhaven in Summer Games Fest 2023. This free-to-play title combines the brutality of medieval warfare with the stunning powers of the immortals in a new take on combat.

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Become an immortal in Nexon’s free-to-Play Warhaven

Games like Chivaly and For Honor have paved the way for fans of the hand-to-hand combat genre. Over the years, they have not only gained a loyal and fanatic fanbase but also made huge developments in gameplay. Hit Boxes, timing, and move reading are part of the language of gaming, in part, due to these games. Nexon bring a new contender to the field with its Warhaven trailer at Summer Games Fest 2023.

Nexon looks to break the mold of other medieval combat games by introducing the elements of immortals to the battleground. No longer are you just a flesh bag locked inside a steel shell; now, you have the power of a god to wield. A mace to the face is no longer the end of your battle. You can come back bigger and better than ever. The Summer Games Fest Warhaven trailer shows impossible leaps, overpowered god swords, and warriors imbued with superpowers. This is stone and steel warfare, but not as you know it.

Warhaven Summer Games fest 2023

Screenshot by Summer Games Fest 2023

Nexon is releasing the game as free to play on Steam. Players can squad up with teams of up to 16 players and fight their way through the castles and battlegrounds of old. I’m sure we can expect to see a huge array of cosmetics and extras to keep players looking as fashionable as possible in the melee.
More will be revealed at Steam Next Fest, running from June 19th to 26th, 2023. You can expect to see the release of Warhaven in the Fall of 2023.

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