A look at SimCity’s new map Granite Lake coming in Update 6

SimCity granitelake_4

Coming in game Update 6 for SimCity is a new map called Granite Lake. In a developer update from  SimCity Level Designer Kyle Brown describes this new addition to the game.

The new map has been designed around mountains and a major lake inspired by Colorado. The idea behind the map was to have an increased mountain size utilising the ability to increase the mountain heights that were scaled back in other SimCity maps.

The new map will be a challenge in that the mountains plummet into major building plots which Kyle says will allow fans of wind power to set up massive wind farms for effective use of the resource as a long term solution.

The map also inlcudes new textures as highlighted in the two shots released below.

SimCity textires

Make no mistake, this new map has been designed to be a real challenge for players.

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