Hamburg, August 23rd, 2012 – Summer is in full swing and all the bears of the free browser game Dreambear Saga are happy.

During these days, baker Marino is very busy. His fruity and juicy apple pies are very popular in this heat.

The pies are an important element of a new daily mission. In order to solve the quest, the players have to look for 25 apples everywhere across the Kingdom of Beronia. When they have found all ingredients, they have to go back to the well known baker with the red cap. He is already waiting for them and wants to bake the best apple pie of the whole country.

After he starts his work the gamers have to wait until Marino is done. Within an hour he creates the most delicious and fragrant pie.

The sweet treat can be picked up and delivered. So the players hit the road to the royal palace to present the tasty cake to the beautiful princess Yun, who will give out a generous reward for the tasty dessert.

On top of this new mission the free online game Dreambear Saga offers two new great outfits. They are sold by the mysterious Salah near the palace. Everyone who wants to dress up their bear like a chef, can get the appropriate male or female cooking gear there.

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