A new Resident Evil Village demo is heading to PC via Steam

Resident Evil Village Showcase Demo

Today’s Resident Evil showcase included some bombshells, like a new trailer for the franchise’s upcoming title, Resident Evil Village. However, there was some special news included in the showcase just for fans of the franchise on PC. A new demo is coming for Resident Evil Village, and while the last one was exclusive to the PlayStation 5, this demo will be heading to PC via Steam.

The last demo for Resident Evil Village put players in the shoes of a woman that was captured and brought to Lady Dimitrescu’s castle. It had players roam around the castle’s grounds, completing simple puzzles. By its end, the character was killed by Lady Dimitrescu herself, impaled by her claws.


We don’t have a very clear picture of what the upcoming Resident Evil Village demo will task players with. What we do know is that the demo will have a time limit. Anyone who starts up the demo will only have 60 minutes to play, although it’s not clear if the demo can be played multiple times.

The demo will also only be available for one day, so clear your schedule if you really want to play it. If you’re in North America, the Resident Evil Village demo will be live on May 1 from 5 PM PT to May 2 at 5 PM PT. In Europe, it will be available for 24 hours starting on May 2 at 2 AM CEST. Finally, for players in Asia, the demo will be playable for 24 hours starting on May 2 at 8 AM HKT.

What can players do in the Resident Evil Village demo?

Like I said before, the main objective players will be given in the Resident Evil Village demo wasn’t specified. If anything, today’s showcase characterized it as more of a chance to explore. For the 60 minutes users get to play the demo, they can wander around the game’s village and castle grounds. You should expect to solve some more puzzles and get a taste of combat. One of the clips featured in the showcase clearly showed the player character sporting a handgun, so get ready to blast some baddies.

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