Rumors have been circulating recently that there may be a new Playstation 3 on the way. First there was a change to the name of certain actions in the latest firmware update, such as the term ‘Eject Disc’ being changed to ‘Remove Disc’.

Some took this as a suggestion that there may be a Playstation 3 on the way that would ditch the automatic eject and revert to the flip-top disc tray of old days, saving money for Sony and allowing them to lower costs. Well none of this is confirmed yet but we do have some implications that there actually is a new model of the console coming.

The Federal Communications Commission recently backed this with a filing that lists two new Playstation 3 model numbers, CECH-4000A and CECH-4000B. Since the current model is CECH 3000 this leans toward the likelihood of seeing another iteration of the console.

This is actually very likely from Sony anyway, since the PS2 saw a slimmer release closer to its final days just as the PSone did. A slimmer PS3 would certainly help the consumer and Sony to save some money and could be a very good move for them.

Eurogamer are suggesting that the console will actually be unveiled at next months Gamescon event in Germany


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