Quantum Conundrum, you might recall, is a game designed by Kim Swift (former lead designer on a little game named Portal) and under development at Airtight Games. Much as the Portal Gun was the central device of Portal, so the Interdimensional Shift Device (IDS) is key to Quantum Conundrum. Playing as the 12 year old nephew of Professor Fitz Quadwrangle, you’ll be able to use the IDS to switch between four different dimensions.
As you might expect, that’s the cue for you to start solving a bunch of first-person puzzles spread out through your uncle’s bizarre house. The Professor, you see, has mysteriously disappeared (I’d imagine that probably has something to do with him messing around with alternative dimensions).
Quantum Conundrum is due in early 2012, for PC, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.
A pair of new (although not exactly thrilling) screenshots follows, along with the announcement trailer from a few months back.


Paul Younger
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