MionixLabs is developing a gaming mouse that monitors your heart rate and bodily reactions while gaming. These monitors help by reading your stress levels while playing games that often have high pressure situations that push your reflexes to their max.


A number of different settings you can set to your NAOS QG.

MionixLabs has put up a Kickstarter with a pledged $100,000 goal and a minimum $79 pledge if you wish to receive the mouse for backing the project.

The mouse itself puts up a small marker on your screen while gaming that allows you to see your stress levels and heart rate in real-time.

It also creates graphs for you to see your progress in real-time after every gaming session. If other players are also using the mouse, it allows you to monitor them as well while playing a game. For example, you can see in real-time which people on your team are in high stress situations and may need help.

Check out their Kickstarter for a full promo video and more information.

NAOS QG monitor

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