June 22nd, 2017

A taste of power: Europa Universalis IV demo hits Steam

europa universalis iv (7)

Peter’s been very enthusiastic about Europa Universalis IV, calling it a “far more intuitive game” and opining that Paradox have perhaps learned a few lessons on usability from Crusader Kings II. Is he right? Now’s your chance to find out, because a demo of Europa Universalis IV has just hit the internet.

You can download the demo, roughly 1GB in size, from Steam right now. Just pop on over to this page and click the little grey Download Demo box on the right.

According to the official forums, it’s single-player only and doesn’t let you save or load games, but contains all tutorial functions and lets you take control of one of four nations – each geared towards a different playstyle – for 28 years. Try out trade with Venice, give conquest a go with the Ottoman Empire, colonize the world as Portugal, or play diplomat with Austria.

As this demo has actually been released ahead of the game’s 13 August launch, this even means that you can try it before pre-ordering it if you want to get your hands on the pre-order bonuses! I’m… I’m very unused to this sort of thing. I think I may need a lie down.

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