A Total War Saga announced focusing on pivotal moments in history

A Total War Saga announced focusing on pivotal moments in history

Creative Assembly is now working on what they are calling A Total War Saga which is a spin-off series of their popular strategy franchise.

A Total War Saga differs from other Total War titles in that it won’t focus on an era in history but instead focus on pivotal flashpoints within an era such as civil wars, conquests or political upheavals. The first to be released will follow on from Rome 2 and Attila which will present “a thrilling new challenge in a focused geographical area”.

Total War Saga’s game director Jack Lusted explains the idea in a new blog to accompany the announcement.

“With our big releases that cover entire eras, like Rome or Empire, we’ve been following them up with standalone games that focus on a single character’s life and the time around them; like Napoleon or Attila. But there are also these key, pivotal points in history which don’t necessarily revolve around a single character, and only lasted a few months or few decades at most. Such moments also tend to be constrained to a tight geographic area as well.

“These moments are perfect fuel for Total War. They’re a powder keg, where anything can happen and history could have gone in any direction. Sagas are epic stories, and we felt that name described those moments well, and allows us to go into the kind of individual detail we love.

“So, Total War Saga games will be the same mix of turn-based campaign strategy, real-time battle tactics and hundreds if not thousands of hours of gameplay as a regular Total War game, but focussed down on a distinct moment.”

Lusted likens the new series to Fall of the Samurai which was a spin-off to Total War: Shogun 2 and focused on a pivotal event in history.

The first Total War Saga game will appear before Creative Assembly’s next big historical release which is set in an era Creative Assembly have yet to cover with the franchise.

The official Total War Twitch channel is holding a live stream with Jack Lusted today at 3PM.



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