If, unlike me, you were already aware that the A-Train series was still alive and well, this announcement may not come as much of a shock. However, if (like me) the last time you played an A-Train title was sometime in the 90s on the Amiga, you might be surprised to learn that the series is still running.
The Train Giant is being developed by Artdink, a Japanese Studio who’ve been tasked with continuing the tradition of A-Train. Indeed, the screenshots that accompanied this announcement were actually labelled as ‘A-Train 9’, so it’s quite possible the game is being released under that name in other regions.
In the UK though, it’ll be The Train Giant. As the CEO of a train company, players will be “managing all aspects of their city’s development and travel systems” (which, uh, sounds like a bit more than a regular train company CEO would be doing but never mind). “Unlimited game choices encompassing commercial, ecological, urban expansion and technological features” are promised, which will let you turn your little town into “a prosperous, bustling metropolis”.
The Train Giant will be released on 2 March for PC. Follow the tracks to more screenshots, below.


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