Arcen Games’ (AI War, Tidalis) latest title, A Valley Without Wind has left beta and should launch today on Steam and through other digital distributors. It’s probably best to use Arcen’s own words to describe this one, as it’s not easily defined: “A 2D sidescroller without a linear path. An action game with tactical combat and strategic planning. An adventure game that lets you free-roam a vast, procedurally-generated world.”
If you’re familiar with Arcen Games’ approach to post-release support, you’ll know that A Valley Without Wind version 1.0 will just be the beginning. Patches, add-ons and all manner of tweaks can probably be expected in the coming weeks (the title changed a great deal during beta, for example).
A trial version of the game can be grabbed here, and if you fancy upgrading to the full release you need only visit the Arcen store for a key (currently priced at $13.50 USD).
Cast your eyes below for the launch trailer and a few images. Look out for a full review on IncGamers in the coming days.

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