A Valley Without Wind in beta, available to purchase

Arcen Games’ latest title, A Valley Without Wind is now in beta and available for early-purchase at 50% off.
It’s a pricing model that’s been adopted by a few PC indie developers recently (most famously with Mount & Blade): the earlier you buy, the cheaper you get the game. As such, A Valley Without Wind will set you back $10 USD at present. That gives you instant access to the beta and all subsequent updates for the title.
If you’re not ready to make that sort of commitment, there’s a demo release to play around with (restricted by a ‘Civilisation Level’ that cannot go above six).
A Valley Without Wind underwent a transformation of perspective from its original top-down design in pre-alpha and is now a side-scroller. However, it retains the exploratory nature and the procedurally generated worlds.
Have a look at the beta trailer for a better idea of what it’s all about.