A Year Of Rain Rts Strategy Game Early Access Two Player Co Op

A Year of Rain is a co-op real-time strategy game with elements thrown into the mix that are more commonly found in role-playing games and MMORPGs, with an extensive story campaign and competitive multiplayer skirmishes. The game has just released in Steam Early Access and Daedalic Entertainment plans for it to be there for about a year and a half. During that time, they will fine-tune the balance of the game based on player feedback with updates roughly every six-to-eight weeks.

Often games are released into early access before they should be played by anyone outside the studio or alpha testers. But with A Year of Rain, early access is a solid plan. Deadalic Entertainment has its sights set on the game to become an esport. And if you want a game to be competitive, balance is incredibly important. There’s no better way to get the balance of a game right than by letting a large player base get their hands on it.

Once upon a time

A Year Of Rain Skirmish Battle Hero Campaign

A Year of Rain is set in a unique fantasy world that is kept in a constant state of flux by the ongoing battles. It’s a harsh and unforgiving place. The land is caught in a cycle of war and violence, where three factions are constantly fighting for power. Each one trying to wrestle from the land what little sustenance it provides.

The story campaign isn’t just about building bases and defeating enemies. You’ll play through an epic adventure with exciting missions and challenging boss battles, fighting your way out of enemy traps and uncovering hidden secrets.

A Year of Rain was designed to be played by a team of two, so you can play the story alone or with a partner. Even the tutorial can be played co-op.

The real battle begins

Once you’ve completed the campaign, you’ll likely want to move onto the skirmishes. These are 2v2 battles you can play with a partner against enemies. Play with a friend against real opponents or set any of the players to be controlled by the game’s AI.

When you play a skirmish, you’ll have to pick one of three roles. Your options are tank, support, or damage dealer. Finding the right synergies with your partner will make your team considerably more powerful. You will also have to choose from one of three factions. The Wild Banners are made up of outcasts who choose not to partake in so-called civilization. The Restless Regiment are the undead servants of Lady Llorona. And House Rupah is an aristocratic house out to claim untaken lands so their name is never forgotten.

Each faction will also give you a choice of one of three heroes, which will lead your army. This is your most important unit. As the game progresses your hero will unlock powerful abilities that could be the difference between victory or defeat.

There are guides built into the game, making everything easy to learn. Mastering the different elements is the real challenge.

A Year Of Rain Heroes

Getting esports-ready

You can earn experience points playing A Year of Rain that will unlock portraits, titles, and cosmetics for you to use in-game. The points are also how you will climb in ranks in different seasons.

The game is looking to become an esports title, with detailed statistics and replays already built into the game. Players will also be able to show off their skills using the game’s observer mode. This mode is basically like a stream.

Check out the release trailer for A Year of Rain below and find it on Steam.

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