Ace Combat 7 Experimental Aircraft Dlc

Bandai Namco Entertainment continues to celebrate 25 years of Ace Combat with a new Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown DLC, featuring experimental aircraft. A trailer launched today for the Experimental Aircraft Series, and it will arrive some time this spring. The DLC includes three planes, as well as 13 new skins. Bandai Namco hasn’t revealed too many details about the DLC launch, but it will likely be similar in price to previous 25th anniversary DLCs.

The Ace Combat 25th anniversary celebration has brought back several classic aircrafts from earlier in the series. Today’s trailer introduced three “experimental” planes. First, there’s the F-15 S/MTD Short, the FB-22 Strike Raptor, stealth a fighter bomber, and the F-16 XL, an “advanced technical fighter.” The Experimental Aircraft Series also introduces several new skins, including the OFNIR Su-37 Terminator, the WIZARD F-16 XL, the MARKOV skin, and more.


The Experimental Aircraft Series will likely operate in a similar fashion to other Ace Combat 7 DLC packs. The skins will likely first be available in multiplayer, with single-player available after a play-through. The Ace Combat 25th anniversary celebration already launched an Original Aircraft Series DLC in October, as well as a U.S. Skin Series and a special 25th anniversary update.

Celebrating 25 years of Ace Combat flight simulation

The Ace Combat series launched back in 1995. The combat flight simulation games follow fictional wars on a fictional version of Earth affected by an asteroid. Players control various aircraft models equipped with special weapons to use in a single-player campaign as well as multiplayer mode. Ace Combat 7 launched in 2019 and has already seen several DLC updates. Before the 25th anniversary, its fourth DLC, Operation Sighthound, introduced new playable missions and a series of weapons.

There’s no date yet for the latest Ace Combat 25th anniversary DLC, but the Ace Combat 7 Experimental Aircraft Series is slated to arrive some time this season.

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