Epic Games Store Achievements

Epic Games Store achievements have been on the roadmap for over a year. Many other platforms such as Steam have already had this implemented for quite a while. However, it looks like they are set to arrive pretty soon to the Epic Games Store. They explain in a tweet that certain games will now show achievements as you unlock them.

Want to start unlocking Epic Games Store achievements?

It is important to note that this new feature is in an early version, meaning many changes could be made. In addition, there will be more updates regarding this coming in the future. The image of the achievements on the Epic Games official Trello Board gives an idea of what the achievements will look like. It appears to be similar to Sony’s trophy achievements system. Here, gold, silver, and bronze trophies are earned for completing set achievements. As well as this, the Epic Games Store achievements are ranked in terms of rarity, such as common. So far, only Ark: Survival Evolved seems to have this new feature. If you play this game, you should expect to be unlocking achievements along your journey. It will be interesting to see how this feature in the Epic Games Store develops and when it will be fully available.

Until then, The Epic Games store is holding a summer sale. The sale will run until August 6, and you can get your hands on some popular titles. Red Dead Redemption 2 has 20% off, Outer Wilds has 35% off, and Shadow Tactics has 85% off. Along with many more titles, the Epic Games summer sale is likely to be successful. Recently, the Epic Games Store hit 61 million monthly active users on PC. Perhaps, this was due to them giving away free games such as Civilization 6 and Grand Theft Auto V. Additionally, Rocket League will be free to play once it transitions from Steam to the Epic Games Store later this summer.

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