Act of Aggression’s pre-order beta launches today

Act of Aggression’s pre-order beta launches today

Act of Aggression‘s big pre-order deal, other than a discount, is access to the game’s multiplayer beta. That beta opens today.

The multiplayer beta offers two of the game’s factions – the US Army and the Chimera – and lets players fight it out either in PvP, in skirmishes against the AI, or in co-operative comp-stomps. As the beta progresses, more maps will be added along with the game’s third and final faction, the Cartel.

I’m a little confused about exactly when said beta launches, but I think that’s mostly because I can’t read time zones. It’s at 9am PST/12pm EST, which I think is one hour from now, so… 5pm BST?

Continuing with the time zone hilarity, there’ll also be a developer livestream featuring Eugen co-founder and creative director Alexis Le Dressay. That’s at 10:15am PST/1:15pm EST, which is, uh… 6:15pm BST? I think? I hate time zones.

Act of Aggression is Eugen Systems’ attempt at a classic RTS. Three varied factions battle it out for resources across massive maps in a near-future setting, with a number of little twists on the formula like “ransoming back prisoners of war” and “occupying banks for cash” throwing a bit more spice into the proceedings. You’ll also have to set up supply lines, I’m told, which definitely sounds a bit Eugen Systems.

Other than the Wargame series, they made RUSE, which is one of my favourite little RTS games of recent-ish years. I’m really quite looking forward to seeing their take on a classic RTS.

If you want to pre-order and get access to the beta, you can do so for £29.74 by clicking here. If not, have a look at some lovely new screens below.

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