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Hellpoint, an upcoming action RPG from Cradle Games, is set to release on April 16 for PC and consoles. The PC version will arrive on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Hellpoint originally came to life thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. Now, the game promises to deliver a challenge. Players can expect souls-like combat mixed into a dark, sci-fi world.

Sometimes, game trailers drop hefty amounts of gameplay. Sometimes they leave only small hints at what to expect. Hellpoint‘s release trailer definitely falls into the latter. While the trailer shows very little in the way of souls-like action, it does give us a taste of the nice art style. I’m definitely getting some Warframe vibes from the armor design.

Hellpoint’s release trailer delivers on style

While it’s hard to decipher if Hellpoint will deliver a true souls-like challenge, the trailer definitely delivers on style. We have a slew of dark-fantasy characters mixed into a world with some strange alien species. Overall, the trailer is grim and unsettling. The trailer also teases some solid-looking boss battles. Size, scope, and threat are everything when it comes to feeling utterly obliterated by the enemy. If Hellpoint is to deliver on the souls-like combat, let’s hope it will offer just that.

What we can expect is a full co-op campaign. The studio promises that the game will feature both couch co-op and online support. Players can call for assistance from anonymous players. Also, Hellpoint‘s co-op campaign will involve shared loot between players. The game will feature some sort of player-vs-player mode, although no strict details are available yet.

The studio claims that the game will act as a sort of “dungeon master.” That is, whenever you die, you’ll respawn with the world slightly altered. This dynamic world is meant to change the flow of gameplay from differing parts of the story. Cradle Games calls this the “Quantic System.” And the players’ death may trigger different events in the world each time you respawn.

Hellpoint‘s publisher tinyBuild has delivered other recent news for us. The company’s unusual and quirky title Not For Broadcast has recently hit early access. For fans of unusual simulation type games, that one is certainly worth a look as well.

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