Fortnite Rift Challenge

Fortnite Season 6 Week 9 has arrived. With this season coming to an end in a matter of weeks, you may be looking to get as much XP as possible to complete your battle pass. Thankfully, another set of weekly challenges are ready and waiting for you to complete. One of the challenges tasks you with activating a rift which you can purchase from an NPC. Once you know which NPCs you can purchase a rift from, you will be able to easily complete this Fortnite challenge. If you are not familiar with a rift, it drops you down from the sky once activated. This allows you to use your glider to quickly travel to another part of the map.

There are a total of six NPCs dotted around the map that will sell you the rift that you need. The first NPC you can visit is Castaway Jonesy who is found on the small island at the northeast edge of the Fortnite map. You may also choose to visit the character Cabbie who is located to the south of Lazy Lake. Raz will also let you purchase a rift and he can be found inside the main building at Colossal Crops.


More NPCs allow you to purchase a rift

Also, you can visit the NPC Rebirth Raven. You may already be familiar with this character, as they wield the Unstable Bow exotic weapon. This NPC is found in the house northwest of Sweaty Sands. Another point of interest you can visit to get access to the rift you need is Weeping Woods. Upon arrival, you will have to search for the NPC Willow who roams around the area. Finally, if you encounter Bunker Jonesy, he will allow you to buy a rift. However, Bunker Jonesy is more difficult to find, because he has multiple random spawn points. These include spawning at Camp Cod, Lockie’s Lighthouse, Rainbow Rentals, and more.

Fortnite Rift Challenge

You will have to be prepared to spend 245 of your gold bars to purchase the rift you need to complete the Fortnite challenge. Notably, it will activate immediately after purchase, so be prepared to take to the skies. For your efforts, your battle pass will be boosted with 24,000 XP.

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