Fresh documents involved in the upcoming court battle between Activision and former Infinity Ward bosses Jason West and Vince Zampella have come to light, they show that the publisher had attempted to hack into the email and phone messages of the pair.
A deposition transcript details a scheme that Activision had named ‘Project Icebreaker’ and involved the company’s IT director Thomas Fenady attempting to gain access to the computers of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare creators’ computers. The document describes how Fenady was given the task by Activision’s George Rose, its chief legal officer.
According to Fenady, Rose wanted him to get dirt on West and Zampella because “we just want to get rid of them.” Fenady says that he received warnings that he was not to be caught in the act, although Rose is supposed to have have said that “Bobby [Kotick, Activision CEO] will take care of you…” if he did.
The documents also claim that Microsoft were asked to crack the passwords on West and Zampella’s computers, but they refused to do so without a legal order. Failing their, security firm InGuardians were approached with the same request, but they to refused and said they weren’t prepared to tackle the “legal hurdles.”
Perhaps most alarming (and most childish), Fenady claims that Activision thought about faking a fire alarm drill to give them time to try and access West and Zampella’s computers in peace.
George Rose has denied that he tasked Fenady with gaining info on the pair, but he did say that Activision had indeed tried to access their emails.
The West/Zampella vs. Actision case is due to kick off on 29 May.
Source: GiantBomb

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