Adata Xpg Ddr5 Memory 12600 Mt S

The advent of DDR5 RAM is due for consumer release very soon, and ADATA made a new announcement today for what it has in mind for future XPG products. If you thought high speed DDR4 memory kits with 4,000 MT/s were already fast, you’re about to gawk at what the future holds. ADATA has plans to launch XPG branded DDR5 memory kits with 12,600 MT/s eventually.

ADATA announced its plans for high-performance DDR5 memory kits alongside many other new products during a recent digital showcase. The spokesperson was brief about the announcement, but the presentation did show that the modules will reach the ludicrously high speeds at a voltage range of 1.1-1.6V. The official JEDEC spec for DDR5 dictates voltages of 1.1.


ADATA also skipped mention of pricing, availability, and a release date, but did indicate these will be part of a second wave of DDR5 products. The debut performance XPG DDR5 module will cap out at the top of the JEDEC spec of 8,400 MT/s and be available later this year.

Speeding along

While it comes as no surprise that companies are already planning to sell the fastest DDR5 memory kits possible, the first generation of DDR5 compatible CPUs will be a ways behind in terms of speed support. Even the 8,400 MT/s kit will be more than substantial for Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake platform rumored to launch this October. Alder Lake will only officially support 4,800 MT/s, so anything above will technically be considered overclocking. AMD will follow suit with DDR5 support for its Zen 4 CPUs in late 2022.

The important takeaway here is that your DDR4 isn’t quite obsolete yet. Official support will have to catch up, and DDR5 modules will need to improve timings over release generations for better latency results to make DDR4 truly obsolete. The good news is that CPU generations should make huge spec improvements over the next four years. Perhaps official support will come sooner than we expect for these blazing fast memory like the ADATA XPG DDR5 kits rated for 12,600 MT/s.

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