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Rainbows help with everything.

With almost no fanfare whatsoever, a new Adventure Time game is available to buy on Steam today. Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest looks like a kind of third-person, open-ish area hack and slash type affair, and promises “28 levels of mayhem” with familiar faces like the Ice King and Hug Wolf to do battle against.

The last game, Explore the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know was overly expensive and, by most accounts, a bit of a let down. Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest shouldn’t fall foul of the first criticism at least, as it’s currently $8.00 USD and eventually (once the introductory sale ends) $10.00 USD. Quality, though, is harder to judge without having played it.

It’s being developed by NGD Studios, a team I had to look up to find their development history. Most recently, they put out Bunch of Heroes, which isn’t exactly a glowing endorsement for this release. They also made Regnum Online, a game I know nothing about (so it could be great!)

Oddly enough, there’s a free browser game with the same Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest name that can be found on the Cartoon Network site (in the US at least.) It looks very similar to the game now on Steam. The Steam one may be a slightly expanded version or something, it’s hard to tell. You can treat the browser game as a demo, I guess.

When a licensed title appears out of almost nowhere, it tends to be a warning sign. Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest might be fantastic, but if you’re an Adventure Time fan then tread carefully before tossing $8.00 USD at it.

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