Aeon Drive Co Op Gameplay

At today’s [email protected] Showcase, some indie developers were given the chance to share gameplay, progress, and even reveal their games. 2Awesome Studio was one of the developers on display. It revealed a new gameplay trailer for its time-bending action-platformer Aeon Drive.

If you’ve never heard of Aeon Drive, it’s set in a cyberpunk Neo Barcelona and you play as the female protagonist who wields a dagger that, you guessed it, bends time and space.


The developer describes Aeon Drive gameplay as action platformer with a speed-running twist. So, you’ll be using that dagger to blink and dash your way through levels and stay ahead of your foes. You also have a large sword to slice and dice enemies that don’t get out of your way fast enough.

On your marks, get set, co-op

Since you can bend space, you can join up with four different versions of the protagonist in co-op. Each player gets their distinctly colored heroine for one of the modes available. You can work together to blitz through the story mode in co-op.

Alternatively, you can test your movement and fighting skills against your friends in competitive PvP. You can even put your skills to the test online against the fastest foes around. Check out all the co-op gameplay in the new Aeon Drive trailer below.

Aeon Drive is scheduled for release in Fall 2021. However, you can give it a try right now. There’s a playable PC demo available for download through Steam.

If you really want to dive deep into the upcoming platformer’s story, you can also check out the prequel game, Dimension Drive. It’s a space shoot ‘em up that has a unique split-screen mechanic. You can jump through space (that could be a connection to Aeon Drive) to swap between the screens when the need arises. Dimension Drive can also be played co-op.

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