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Aerosoft is running a big Publisher Sale on Steam, where it has discounted a wealth of different simulators from its line-up. Bus sims, truck sims, train sims, flight sims, and more are all a part of this sales galore. The Aerosoft Publisher Sale will run on Steam until 3 PM ET on September 1.

In this Steam Publisher Sale, Aerosoft has discounted a lot of its popular products. The list includes OMSI 2, a well-known bus simulator, as well as other notable releases such as Truck & Logistics Simulator, The Bus, Fernbus Simulator, and a good chunk more.


Slim sim spending

More varied options in this lineup includes Glider Simulator, a relatively recent release that we checked out earlier this month. As the name of this sim suggests, it involves soaring over beautiful landscapes in a glider. It’s a much more “relaxed” style of flying compared to what most other flight simulators tend to focus on. For a more traditional flight sim, Holiday Flight Simulator puts you in the cockpit of a larger lineup of aircraft.

Various train sims are also a part of this sale, including TramSim Vienna and TramSim Munich, just to name a couple. Even some very niche titles like Road Maintenance Simulator and Global ATC Simulator are a part of the lineup. Indeed, there’s something here for everyone.

Aerosoft The Bus Pc Steam1

Gearing up for an Aerosoft sale, but time is running out

As Aerosoft cuts the price of some of these older products, it’s getting ready to release quite a few others. A handful were revealed just recently, including City Driver, City Bus Manager, and SubwaySim Hamburg. They’re all labeled as “coming soon,” but so far City Bus Manager has a more clearer release window. Its expected to release somewhere within Q4 2022.

Considering Aerosoft’s wealth of partners, it wouldn’t be surprising if even more sim projects were revealed in 2023.

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