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Adding to the list of “there’s a sim for that,” Aerosoft unveiled the new CityDriver at its NextSim 22 presentation. Described as a “your car simulator,” players will be able to use this sim to explore a virtual version of Munich, Switzerland. It’ll feature a variety of different vehicle types with the choice of combustion engines and electric-powered cars.

Rather than being yet another option in the plethora of racing titles, CityDriver is taking some pages out of the books of other driving sims like Euro Truck Simulator 2 and is seeking to offer a richly detailed driving experience that can actually train players to hone their skills.


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CityDriver will have various, randomized missions throughout the city and a dedicated Driving School Mode with run-of-the-mill traffic training exercises, such as maneuvering through tight corners, obstacle avoidance, and more. When you tire of tasks, you can open up the throttle and enjoy bopping around the map in freeplay mode. Players can decide what kind of experience they want. On that note, this map of Munich is said to be a “1:1 scale area of [the] city’s center and inner-city highways, freeways and state roads.”

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Each of the four vehicle classes (Sedan, Coupe, Compact car and Sports car) will all behave differently and feature their own physics.

Although some of the designs shown off so far are reminiscent to models from manufacturers like BMW and Tesla, the cars aren’t badged. Still, the sim does seem to capture their essence very well, nonetheless. As a bit of a sidenote, video games haven’t really featured Tesla vehicles. So this will be one of the few to at least feature a “Tesla-like” vehicle.

CityDriver will release as an Early Access title on Steam sometime soon.  According to the developers, it’ll remain in Early Access for a year, at least. You can wishlist it now on Steam.

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