Afro Samurai 2 Cancelled


Sadly the title here says it all. Afro Samurai 2:Revenge of Kuma has hit an all out halt and is being pulled from Steam along with its previous counterpart. The production company Versus Evil’s General Manager, Steve Escalante, summed it all up in one stark phrase, “The game was a failure.” More on the interview here.


Due to some bad publicity from the press, they decided to no longer pursue the game’s further development. Going as far as issuing a public apology and full refund to everyone, Escalante explains, “it wasn’t that the game was broken, people just didn’t like it.” Though people are generally taken aback but such frankness coming from gaming publishers, it seems like a step in the right direction. Steam refunds have not rolled out yet, as there is no official notice, but PS4 users have received their money back in full (kudos to Sony).


We’ll be keeping an eye out for companies such as Versus Evil, who are willing to take a personal loss to go the extra mile in ensuring customer satisfaction remains their top priority. Though we might miss the dynamic dismemberment these games used to offer, we’re left hopeful that the future still looks bright and bloody.

Paul Younger
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