September 28th, 2018

Afterfall: Insanity Rights Acquired By Just A Game

If, after the recent insolvency of The Game Company, you were wondering what was going to happen to Polish-developed title Afterfall: Insanity, wonder no longer.
The game has been picked up by German publisher Just A Game, which has acquired global sales rights for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Afterfall will be a third-person shooter, set on the post-apocalyptic earth of 2023 and due for release in early 2011. As usual, humanity fled underground when the bombs dropped, but “the dreary ruins of once beautiful cities” now hold dark secrets. As well as quite a few grisly monsters, we’d assume.
Interestingly enough, the first screenshots and information for this game (all the way back in 2006) showed it as an isometric RPG, so it’s somewhat morphed during the intervening years. Mutated, you might say.
Keep moving your eyes downward to see what it looks like now.