The latest Age of Conan developer update for February is now live. Funcom has been mentioning the revamping of the crafting system for some time and now they are finally ready to detail the changes.
Changes being applied include the removal of fetch style quests and now crafting/gathering levelling will be linked to the actual making of items in the game. Node locations are also changing with more variety and the “random attacks” are being removed to get rid of the annoyance factor.
When combining ingredients to make the final item, there is now also an extra bonus effect that will be augmented depending based on the ingredient combination. Ultimately this will mean greater variety in crafted items.
Funcom will give players warning before the new system goes live as old items cannot be altered once the new system is in place.
It looks like Funcom are has really thought hard about how to make crafting a more enjoyable and rewarding experience. Read the full update for all the dev comments.

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